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Please help relieve the pain and suffering that results from financial struggle by supporting this Initiative to transform our individual and collective relationship to money and finance. Here are some ways you can support this valuable work:

How can you help? (There are lots of ways—keep scrolling!)

• Make a one-time financial contribution, or become a Sustainer with a recurring donation— by making your tax-deductible donation through any of these payment portals:
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Make a donation using Venmo to: @Spiritual-Finance 
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• Set up a Spiritual Finance fundraiser on Facebook.
• Shop through the smile.amazon.com portal and choose “Spiritual Finance Initiative, Inc.”
• Read or share, the book: “A New Relationship With Money,” which is a wonderful introduction to the Spiritual Finance perspective.
• Take the Spiritual Finance Class Series! If you would benefit from transforming your relationship to money and finance, this class series will help you.
• Organize a class. Class series are currently being scheduled. Please schedule a time to talk if you would like to sponsor this class in your venue.
• Spread the word! Let people know about this Initiative. Or, if you know someone who would benefit from transforming their relationship to money, please tell them about the class series.

Why this is so important …


The Spiritual Finance Initiative is committed to relieving the pain and suffering that results from financial struggle by transforming our individual and collective relationship with money and finance.

Offering presentations, classes, and coaching, Certified Spiritual Finance Teachers and Coaches help people create healthy relationships with money that are fully aligned with their values.

Spiritual Finance
Changing our individual and collective relationship with money …

We can do it—with your help.