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The Spiritual Finance Initiative’s founder, Kerry Cudmore, used to have a terrible relationship with money. A disorganized wallet, piles of unopened bills, and daily calls from angry creditors were indications of just how bad it was. She decided to change things once and for all, painstakingly redefining her relationship with money, and eventually, helping others do the same.

She was inspired to create the Spiritual Finance Class Series, and from 2008 to 2018, in partnership with sponsoring venues and with contributions from enthusiastic supporters who were compelled to “pay it forward,” she taught the Class Series to hundreds of people—provided scholarships exceeding $100,000. In 2017 she began training other teachers. In October 2018, the Spiritual Finance Initiative took the next step forward, transforming into a 501c3 nonprofit organization.

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The vision continues, with plans for:
• Social Media Outreach and Development
• The Spiritual Finance Class Series. Schedule a time to talk if you would like to bring the Class Series to your group or venue.)
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