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Through interactive presentations, classes, and coaching, Certified Spiritual Finance Teachers and Coaches help people create healthy relationships with money that are fully aligned with their values. Explore our current complement of offerings:

“A New Relationship With Money” an introduction to the Spiritual Finance perspective. In this engaging interactive event, Kerry Cudmore—the creator of Spiritual Finance—explores how we create our relationship with money, and how to change it for the better. A perfect introduction. Do you have a group that would like to hear about this work? Schedule a time to discuss it.

Spiritual Finance Class Series Our signature educational program. A comprehensive series of five classes. All students are automatically provided a full scholarship—a value of $300.

• Spiritual Finance Chats Open, curious discussions, exploring interesting and helpful topics, while demystifying the taboo and stigma surrounding money. 

Spiritual Finance Community (for those who have completed the Spiritual Finance Class Series). Meets regularly to reinforce, and advance, the concepts learned in the Spiritual Finance Class Series.

Spiritual Finance Advanced Community For those who have attended the Spiritual Finance Community for a period of time, have benefitted from that process, and are now ready to take things to a more advanced level, diving deeper into the spiritual concepts relating to the relationship with money.

Spiritual Finance Coaching for Partnerships Partnerships of all kinds (significant others, family, businesses, etc.) work with a Spiritual Finance Coach to cultivate mutual understanding and a harmonious co-creative relationship with money. Do you have a group that would like to hear about this work? Schedule a time to discuss it.